Sunny Ridge Strawberry season typically runs from November through to April. Open hours are 9.00am – 4.30pm. However, picking availability is based on a number of circumstances including weather conditions, we may have been picked out or farm machinery requirements. To grow the best strawberries, we need sunshine and nominal rainfall. Heavy rain and hail damage the fruit and effects the picking conditions in the field making it muddy, slippery and sometimes unsafe. Strawberry picking can also be closed due to popularity, meaning that we can be picked out. It’s very much first come, first served.

Unfortunately we don’t accept bookings for strawberry picking unless you are in a tour group of 10 or more. If so, please contact us on: 03 5989 4509 or info@sunnyridge.com.au.

Picking prices are:

$10 per adult (500g punnet)
$5 per child – Aged 4-14 yrs (250g punnet)
3 years and under are free – no punnet is included
$25 per family – x 2 adults & x 2 children (x2 500g punnets & x2 250g punnets)
Please note, everyone entering the field must purchase a punnet


Unfortunately, we don’t accept bookings for café.


We can assist with café group bookings, if you are a group of 10 or more.
Excluding public holiday weekends.

If so, please contact us on: 03 5989 4504  or info@sunnyridge.com.au

Yes, the café is open from 11.00am – 4.00pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between May to October, plus Public Holidays and School Holidays.

Yes, we have limited gluten free and dairy free options. We also have a dairy-free sorbet. Please speak to our friendly staff at the café for options. Please note, we are a desert café, we  have a limited selection of Johnny Ripe savoury pies available. If you have any other questions please let me know.

No, our ice cream is made fresh on-site and contains dairy. However, we do have delicious dairy-free sorbet.

Please note sorbets are made in the same environment that dairy, eggs, nuts & gluten are also used, there could be traces of these products.

No, our ice cream is made fresh on-site and do not contain egg products.

Please note our sorbets are made in the same kitchen environment that dairy, eggs, nuts, and gluten are also used. There could be traces of these products within the sorbet.

Options available

Halal: Strawberry Ice Cream or Yoghurt Ice Cream
Kosher: Sorbets only
GF: All
Vegan: Sorbets

Please ask our friendly staff at the café for more information on other flavours. Please note these products are made in the same environment that dairy, nuts & gluten are also used, there could be traces of these products. Also, our kitchen is not Kosher or Halal certified only the products used from the manufacture are.

Currently, during off-season our visitors are able to visit our café, enjoy wine tastings and explore our food emporium, which is full of locally made sweet treats.

Yes, we currently have jam available both in-store and in our online shop. You can find our selection of jams here.

We are closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day & Good Friday.

Yes, we have 2 options available:

1. Frozen strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries (MP)
MP = Market Price
$8 per kilo
Available all year round

2. Fresh Strawberries ideal for jam production are available from Nov – April at farmgate and available in 3.5-4kg quantities from $18-$25

November – April (Strawberry Picking Season)
7 days a week
9 – 5pm (upick last entry is 4.30pm)
Closed Christmas Day, NYD & Good Fri

May – Oct (Off Season)
Fri – Sun, plus Public Holidays & Victorian School Holidays
11 am – 4pm

Café, retail and wine bar work please email info@sunnyridge.com.au

If you are interested in seasonal harvest work please email to the following:

Yarra Valley Region: jobsyarravalley@sunnyridge.com.au
Mornington Peninsula Region: jobsmornington@sunnyridge.com.au
Queensland: jobsqueensland@sunnyridge.com.au

Please note not all our sites are eligible for second year visa sign off.

Yes, our outdoor area is pet friendly. The U-pick fields and our retail space are not.

Yes, from the 1st-22nd December orders can be placed. No value packs, only Premiums – raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, plus long stems and choc dipped.

No, our strawberries are not organic.

In regards to picking strawberries, we highly recommend you wash all fruit prior to consumption due to the environmental elements, which are presented in the fields. Eg. bugs, dirt, birds, etc. It is best to wash your strawberries just before consumption, as they will go soft if prewashed and stored.

Sunny Ridge uses an ‘Integrated Pest Management System’, which is when a ‘good’ bug is released into the fields to assist with controlling the ‘bad’ bugs when they are present. We are continuously working to improve our current pest control systems in the field and under no circumstance would Sunny Ridge allow for patrons to be in any danger in this environment.

Within our strawberry fields, we have 2 irrigation systems – drip line which is designed to effect the root system of the strawberry plants directly and then other system is overhead sprinkles which is designed for cooling the production in extreme heat conditions. We do not use harmful ‘poisons’ within the Integrated Pest Management System and our staff are well trained in our fertilisation systems to assist with any enquiries as it is a common questions.

If you have any further questions about our Integated Pest Management System, please feel free to contact us at info@sunnyridge.com.au and we can provide you further information on the proactive steps we are taking to ensure we are growing strawberries in the best possible environmental for all involved.

Yes, you can pay using EFT.

No, as we have a café space onsite we do not permit picnics.