on the farm
Sunny Ridge Farm
244 Shands Rd, Main Ridge VIC 3928
Contact: +61 3 5989 4500


Q: How many strawberry varieties do
you grow?

A: There are hundreds of strawberry varieties, with new ones being developed all the time. Currently, Sunny Ridge grows Albion & Viva Patricia strawberries.

Q: Which variety is the best?

A: Sunny Ridge was the first Australian farm to grow the Albion variety from California. Albion berries are conically shaped berry with dark red, firm flesh, a strong aroma and outstanding sweet flavour. Viva Patricia is a variety from the UK known for its large size, supple skin and high levels of sugar. Viva Patricia strawberries are coloured bright orange/red with a glossy sheen.

Q: Is Sunny Ridge Farm committed to Sustainability?

A: We are committed to conserving our local environment as it is here, in protected well tended sites that our strawberries can thrive and develop their famous flavours...